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Expansion Enclosures 260
Much more than just a bunch of drives

Infortrend Expansion Enclosures Family JB 260

Expansion Enclosures Family
(3.5") SAS models
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Convenient DAS brings high density expansion to servers. Get room for data with 4U 60-bay enclosures that connect to RAID cards. Simpler and less costly than a dedicated RAID system, JB 260 enclosures are organized into three easy-access drawers, with vertical drive alignment for quick push and pull. Available with dual and single controllers and featuring redundant 80 PLUS power supplies, they are the fast and dependable storage expansion choice.

Add convenient and easy to integrate storage to your servers with JB 200 rackmount enclosures. Working with a wide selection of Infortrendqualified host bus adapters (HBA) and RAID cards, the user friendly 19” enclosures add high performance and high availability direct attached storage to your servers in true plug n play fashion. Available in multiple form factors and densities, JB 200 enclosures have been designed to provide quick and consistent access to big storage that is free from technical complexities.

Fast connectivity

JB 200 enclosures instantly add massive storage to go alongside servers and have the connection speed to keep up via reliable enterprise-class 6Gb/s SAS, which provides a combination of bandwidth and dependability

More room

Using a server equipped with a host bus adapter or RAID card, you can select a JB 200 enclosure with space for as many as 224 drives. Depending on model, JB 200 products work with 2.5” and 3.5” HDDs, each up to 4TB in capacity

High availability and hot pluggable design

We offer JB 200 enclosures with single and dual redundant controllers. The latter work with your HBA or RAID card to ensure high availability that protects data access, with a doubled data path to hard drives. All controllers are hot plug with simple installs, maintenance, and upgrades, making JB 200 enclosures easy to work with even if you are not an IT expert

Diverse form factors

From compact 2U 12-bay to large form factor and high density 4U 48- bay and 60-bay models, JB 200 enclosures cater to a wide range of situations and demands. Whether an SMB or a large enterprise, they deliver the storage space you require while providing an equally flexible price spectrum

Smart and easy drawer layout

High density 48-bay and 60-bay JB 200 enclosures arrange drives into three drawers that can be easily opened and closed with one-hand convenience. Inside drawers, drives stand vertically and can be pushed in and pulled out with great ease – making for quick swaps if you need bigger drives, plus easy maintenance and replacement

Drawer layout

Eco-friendly and safe power delivery

JB 200 enclosures feature up to three redundant 80 PLUS power supplies rated for 530W or 1600W each. These ensure highly efficient power delivery that saves you money on electric bills – a perfect match for non-stop server operation. Power supply fans deliver smart cooling based on system load, reducing energy waste and noise while ensuring optimized heat removal. On top of being very efficient, power supplies are carefully selected for endurance, and with solid redundancy your storage stays up and running even if one power supply requires maintenance


JB 260 Specifications
Host/ Expansion Connectivity (Per Controller) Two 6Gb/s SAS wide ports (SFF-8088) support:
  • Dual host connections
  • 1 x IN port for connection to the host and 1 x OUT port for expansion to an additional enclosure
Controller Dual redundant controllers
Drive Connectivity
  • 6Gb/s SAS connectivity
  • S.M.A.R.T. support
  • Automatic bad-sector reassignment
  • Dedicated bandwidth to each connected drive
Supported Drives
  • 3.5” 7,200 RPM 6Gb/s Nearline SAS drives
  • 3.5" 7,200 RMP 6Gb/s SATA drives

** For the latest compatibility details, please refer to the Compatibility Matrix.
Maximum Number of Drives
  • Per system:60
  • Via RAID card to additional JBODs: 180
Rack Support 4U, 19-inch rackmount
Green Design
  • 80 PLUS-certified power supplies delivering more than 80% energy efficiency
  • Intelligent multi-level drive spin-down
Availability and Reliability Redundant, hot-swappable hardware modules
Service and Support
  • Standard service: 3-year limited harware/software warranty and 8x5 phone, web, and email support
  • Upgrade/Extension service*:
    Replacement part dispatch on the next business day (up to 5 years)
    • Advanced Service: 24x7 phone, web and email support + onsite diagnostics on the next business day
    • Premium Service: 24x7 phone, web and email support + onsite diagnostics in 4 hours
* Optional
** Service may vary by region
  • Power supplies: Two 1600W
  • AC voltage: 100VAC@ 10A to 240VAC @ 5A with PFC (auto-switching)
  • Frequency: 47-63 Hz
  • Temperature: 0 to 40°C operating/ -40 to 60°C non-operating
  • Altitude: Sea level to 3660m (12,000ft) operating / sea level to 12,192m (40,000ft) non-operating
  • Relative humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing, operating and non-operating
Dimensions 445mm (W) x 176mm (H) x 874mm (D)
**Without chassis ears / protrusions
Weight 68.4kg/ 150.80lbs (without HDDs)
Package Dimensions 630mm (W) x 426mm (H) x 1150mm (D) including paper pallet
630mm (W) x 670mm (H) x 1150mm (D) including HDD packages
Controller Support LSI 6Gb/s SAS RAID cards
  • MegaRAID SAS 9280-8e
  • MegaRAID SAS 9286-8e


Download the Expansion Enclosures 200 Series Datasheet (PDF).


Expansion Enclosures Family
(3.5") SAS models
USA: FREE Ground ShippingJB 260
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